Democrats Defensive Over ACA

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/4/2016 – 


Republicans once again smell blood on the Affordable Care Act.

Mounting concerns expressed by supporters of the health care overhaul have emboldened the GOP in its attacks on the law.

Donald Trump, whose own positions on health care have at times sounded similar to those embraced by progressives, has seized on premium increases that have been announced for many ACA plans in the coming year. He has also claimed the Obama administration is delaying enrollment for ACA plans until after the election in an attempt to hide the premium hikes from the public.

Meanwhile, Republicans on Capitol Hill who have been fighting tooth-and-nail against Obamacare for the past six and a half years are trying to prevent the administration from sending any more money to insurers through the “risk corridor” program that was designed to help insurers weather losses they incurred in the first years of the ACA marketplace.

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