Glitches…Smitches…Health Insurance Marketplaces Are Open For Business

It’s October.  We’ve successfully survived the launch of the new Affordable Care Act’s (ACA, “ObamaCare”) Health Insurance Marketplaces even with the goverment shutdown.  Granted, the opening didn’t go quite smoothly as planned as there were software glitches, websites crashes, and long wait times for questions and answers, but on a positive note…the world did not implode, Wall Street didn’t tank, and Doctors are still seeing patients.

Now, of course, 2014 isn’t upon us yet when the new insurance plans actually go into effect but still, I (personally) highly doubt the healthcare industry will fall into utter gridlock as Congress has so successfully accomplished right now.  Yes, health insurance will soon be different for all – individuals, employers, healthcare providers – but face the facts, ObamaCare is here to stay…or at least for a few years.  So, instead of wasting so much time and energy fighting something that isn’t going away, why not embrace the changes that will help to make our population healthier overall?

Let’s look at the benefits of the new program:  greater emphasis on health and wellness thereby reducing illness (positive!), coverage for those with pre-existing conditions (yeah!), access to health insurance for some that were never able to afford it before (how is that wrong?).   I’m not saying that the Affordable Care Act is the best thing since sliced bread….but I’m also not saying it’s the worst thing either.  The generation before me survived the introduction of Medicare in 1965 and once in office, President Reagan even expanded Medicare under his watch.  Now if there is even a hint about defunding or reducing Medicare the uproar is so loud you can’t even hear yourself think!  My how times have changed…..

So, before you completely disavow the new health insurance requirements, take a moment and understand the health benefits that are defined within the ACA.  The health benefits are not just for those who purchase their insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace but they are there for everyone purchasing new insurance beginning in 2014.  So, go back and read our blogs.  Or, better yet, go to our website ( and watch our video, read our FAQ section, play around with the discount calculator, buy your insurance. You just might be surprised at how it may benefit you and your family. 

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