Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Why can’t the politicians be honest about the Healthcare crisis?

Please do NOT believe any information about Health Care from Facebook or the mainstream media. Nearly everything we have seen is so slanted or inaccurate that the information is useless.

The best source we have found is from Kaiser Family Foundation on their website,

They have been involved in Healthcare reform from the beginning and have a detailed side by side comparison between ACA (ObamaCare) and AHCA (TrumpCare?) with many specific underlying stats instead of the rhetoric.

The whole debate about repair vs. replace is purely political and has nothing to do with reality. There are some good elements of ObamaCare that should be (and will be) retained. The politicians from the Right that are on TV saying that Congress failed the country because they didn’t “Repeal and Replace” are being just that….Politicians. Those from the Left that are ignoring the problems with the current system are just as bad!

A prime example is the issue of Preexisting Conditions. We believe it is NOT a matter of whether or not they will be covered, but rather, how will the coverage be funded. But if you listen to mainstream media, the Republican plan will leave as many as 24 million people without Health insurance.  We find that number fascinating since only about 12 million have utilized the ObamaCare Exchanges, but we will leave that discussion for another time.

Under ObamaCare, preexisting conditions were included in all policies, which meant that if a person didn’t have any preexisting conditions, they were paying for something they didn’t need. This one size fits all approach made premiums for healthy people artificially high, which in turn hurt enrollment numbers. Today, many group plans health insurance plans offer discounts for “healthy living.” This might be a good idea for the individual market, but we haven’t heard anyone talking about it. Under the current plan, the only differentiate between 2 people of the same age is tobacco status. So in this situation, a perfectly healthy person that doesn’t use alcohol, drugs, or doesn’t engage in any health risky activity pays the same for health insurance as a person with a history of substance abuse and general disregard for their health. We don’t think that many reasonable people would consider this a fair approach to pricing.  Some members of the Senate have said they will “start from scratch” on Health Care.  We are really sure what they mean by that, but it does have us concerned.  Everyday more insurance companies decide to drop out of the Market, Iowa and Maryland most recently. Whatever the Senate is going to do, they need to get to it.  The current system is not sustainable, and uncertainty in the marketplace is bad for everyone.

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