I missed Open Enrollment, Now What?

Posted KSS Insurance 2/2/2017 –


Open Enrollment for individual Health Insurance plans covered by ObamaCare ended on January 31st, and under the current law, you likely will be faced with a tax penalty. But if you missed the deadline, you may still be able to protect your family. Here’s how:

Purchase a short-term plan – This is especially attractive if you are healthy without existing health issues, you don’t qualify for a tax subsidy under ObamaCare, or you just want a safety net type plan. BE AWARE, these plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions and have caps on total coverage. But you have to hurry. If you purchase before April 1st, the plan duration can be as long as 11 months in some areas. After April 1st, the maximum length of these plans is 3 months.

Experience a qualifying life event – There are several events that could open a “temporary enrollment period” of not more than 60 days: moving, changing jobs, getting married, having a child, just to name a few. In these situations, you may purchase an ObamaCare plan, just like you can during Open Enrollment.

To see if either of these options are right for you, visit our website, www.kssinsurance.com and fill out the Find a Plan form to schedule a conversation with one of our experts.

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