T’was the Night Before ObamaCare and All Through the House……

T’was the night before ObamaCare and all thru the House Not a Congressman was quiet, nor even their spouse.   Pelosi and Sebellius are both wearing skirts. While Ted Reid is sitting there in a suit, tie, and smirk.   The House and the Senate were fighting all night With visions of passing, and screaming

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Here Come the Scammers!

So, I thought about writing about the necessary precautions of handling raw chicken, and the wash/do not wash preparation before cooking because we at KSS Insurance Solutions care about all aspects of your health…. BUT…the subject of FRAUD is so much more interesting. Just like after any major storm, hurricane, tornado, or bank failure, etc.,

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Birthdays? It’s Just Another Day….to Some

It may be just another day to some but birthdays are days to celebrate YOU and who you’ve become from that screaming, snotty-nosed kid to a productive adult…through the succession of candles on our cake. Aging – some people can’t wait to get older (usually the young), some people don’t think about it, some people

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