Before Trump Obamacare Exchanges Were In Big Trouble

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 2/26/2017 – enrollment came in well below what was anticipated last month. After running very slightly ahead of last year’s numbers in December, January brought the news that about 400,000 fewer people had enrolled on the federal exchanges than did so in 2016. Those are scary numbers, not

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ACA Enrollment Expected To See ‘Significant Slowdown’ In 2017

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/7/2016 –  Enrollment in the Obamacare insurance marketplace is likely to stall or even decline for 2017 after two years of growth, according to S&P Global Ratings forecasts. “Our forecasted modest-to-negative growth is clearly a bump in the road, but doesn’t signal ‘game-over’ for the marketplace,” S&P analysts wrote in

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Consumers Activity In OE16 Exchange Market Drives Decisions For OE17

Source: | Re-Post Kss Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Understanding individual buying behavior and being able to target consumers based on that behavior is a game changer for insurance companies who are doing it successfully. Despite the financial pressures that some payers are experiencing, the 2016 Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange was successful, with nearly 13 million

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