How Much You Will Really Pay For Obamacare

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/7/2016 –  For some consumers, Obamacare’s skyrocketing insurance premiums will soon morph from a political mess to a pocketbook crisis. As enrollment begins Tuesday, the impact of an average 22% rise in benchmark plan prices will vary wildly depending on where you live. While Obamacare plans on some state exchanges

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Obamacare Insurers Looking For A Taxpayer Bailout

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Insurers helped cheerlead the creation of Obamacare, with plenty of encouragement – and pressure – from Democrats and the Obama administration. As long as the Affordable Care Act included an individual mandate that forced Americans to buy its product, insurers offered political cover for the government takeover of

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