Top 10 Questions About ObamaCare

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  1. Tax Penalty ChartWhy do I have to buy Health Insurance?Part of ObamaCare is the requirement that we ALL have health insurance…. just like the requirement to have car insurance. If you choose not to have health insurance, you will be charged a “tax penalty” by the IRS. Check out how affordable your health insurance will be with Obamacare and avoid the IRS penalty.
  2. Why Should I buy Health Insurance?Your health insurance is more affordable than you think. It’s more affordable than you think with Obamacare’s discount! Check out the calculator and see how affordable it is. Not only is it affordable but the benefits have expanded to cover vaccines, health screenings, birth control, child dental visits, and eye exams…to name a few…for little to NO cost to you.
  3. Do I have to change plans?If you currently have an individual health insurance plan that you purchased AFTER March 23, 2010, then you will have to change plans. Some plans purchased before that date will be “grandfathered” and you will be able to keep them. See how affordable your new plan will cost now by checking out our calculator
  4. What is a premium?The amount of money that must be paid for your health insurance plan. Find out if you qualify to save on your health insurance premium. Check out our calculator.
  5. Will my insurance be more expensive if I smoke?Yes. To see how much it might affect your costs check out our calculator.
  6. Can my application be declined?No. Under Obamcare, insurance companies will not be able to decline your application for health insurance because you have a pre-existing medical condition or for any other health-related reason. To see how affordable health insurance can be for you go to our calculator.
  7. Will I pay more for health insurance if I am unhealthy (i.e. diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure…?)No. You can not be charged more for a pre-existing medical condition. The insurance carrier can no longer ask you about your medical history. To see how affordable health insurance is for you go to our calculator.
  8. Do I qualify for a government discount (premium tax credit? Subsidy?)With ObamaCare, government discounts are available for most Americans that don’t get health insurance through their employers. To find out how much your discount is try our calculator.
  9. How do I apply for a government discount?KSS Insurance is here to assist you in applying for your discount. Applying is quick and easy and is part of the enrollment process. Click here and we will show you how…
  10. How much will this cost?Depending upon your household income, it will be between 3-9.5%. Go to our calculator to get the details!

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