T’was the Night Before ObamaCare and All Through the House……

T’was the night before ObamaCare and all thru the House

Not a Congressman was quiet, nor even their spouse.


Pelosi and Sebellius are both wearing skirts.

While Ted Reid is sitting there in a suit, tie, and smirk.


The House and the Senate were fighting all night

With visions of passing, and screaming “I am right!”


Versions of Bills are pages and pages long

With hopes of success hanging by a thread and a song.


With the deadline of the government shutdown looming large

Some yell, “What do we do? What happens to Marge?”


The ACA has premiums, plans and credits aplenty,

Will it help some?  Will it help many?


Some say it’s good.  Others…it will bankrupt us all.

Big companies will have penalties, and individuals are asking “who do I call?”


And from out of the TV there rose such a chatter

I sprang for my remote to see what was the matter.


CNN saying they have reached a compromise

But, ha ha ha……jokes on you, as they straighten their ties.


With a wink and a nod, and a turn of his head,

Obama says, “Goodnight children, I’m going to bed.”


Congress goes quiet in response to his words,

And then in a split second they are back yelling verbs.


As the clock slips towards midnight on this Monday night

Will the government shut down over the healthcare fight?


And….thus…we shall wait and see,

Who will be the one who turns out the lights?



  • kss2013 said: Thanks for your comment. I wrote the "poem" as a jab to everyone in Congress...as they are acting like a bunch of little kids in a sandbox. The poem was not meant to take sides on the Affordable Care Act but show the ridiculousness of how they were (and still are) handling finances, deadlines, and shutdowns. And, the Affordable Care Act has already been funded to this point and is also funded through a different funding stream than what Congress is currently arguing about. You are correct in that, for some, insurmountable medical bills have led to personal bankruptcy. I'm happy for those who currently have health insurance through their employer. I'm also happy that those without insurance will finally have access to it, and ultimately get the health care they need.
  • Lyndsey Husek said: Since it doesn't affect people who currently have insurance, how will it bankrupt us all? Continuing on the path we were going with 40% of people filing for personal bankruptcy due to medical bills was going to be our ruin, not trying to provide affordable coverage to other brothers and sisters who are without.
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