What Kind of Health Insurance Plan Do You Need?

The best health insurance plans focus on your health needs. When you and your family have the coverage you need, regular checkups and medical care are more accessible, protecting you from surprise expenses. 

First, our agents listen to your specific health requirements, and analyze the options to find the right plan for you. Then we help you enroll – at no cost to you. With comprehensive coverage, you and your family have peace of mind that your health is protected.  

KSS Insurance Solutions Healthcare Plans

Why Choose KSS Insurance Solutions?

We take pride in helping people find the right health insurance plan because our families, like yours, need quality healthcare at an affordable price. Their overall health depends on the quality of care they receive, and so does yours. Our agents will find the right plan for you by comparing benefits across all major carriers to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Health Insurance Options

KSS Insurance Solutions Healthcare Marketplace


We can guide you through the complex healthcare marketplace to help you find coverage that meets your specific needs and budget. Don’t go it alone.
We keep insurance simple!

KSS Insurance Solutions Private Insurance

Private Insurance

Private health insurance can be complicated, leaving you exposed. Our agents offer expert guidance and personalized options to find the right coverage for your needs.

KSS Insurance Self Service Quote

Self-Service Plans

We are keeping insurance simple by offering self-service healthcare plans. Our easy-to-use platform makes finding the right coverage for your needs!
Get started. It’s Simple!

KSS Insurance Solutions Business Insurance Plans

Group Insurance

Each business is unique and needs individual attention. We treat your business like our own, finding the right plan to protect you and your employees, leaving you to focus on your business.

Effective June 18, 2023, all brokers must obtain consent and eligibility consent before accessing or updating information on the Health Insurance Marketplace to ensure client privacy and promote transparency.

If you're under 65 and would like to talk to an agent, please fill out both consent forms below.
KSS Insurance Solutions Self-Service Insurance Plans

Keeping Insurance Simple and Accessible with Self-Service Healthcare Plans

Our user-friendly platform for individuals and families allows you to compare multiple insurance plans. Enter your location and health information into our easy-to-use form. Find your perfect plan now!

Click the button below for a seamless and stress-free process. Enter your name and zip code, then filter your results by price, deductible, and provider network to find the plan that best suits you.

With a wide range of plans from top carriers, our self-service insurance platform is the ultimate tool for keeping insurance simple.

Trust Our Experienced, Independent Agents

Finding the right insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones should be a simple and stress-free process. Our independent licensed agents are dedicated to working for you and finding the best plan that meets your unique health needs.

Our agents are not tied to any specific insurance company, which means our recommendations are entirely based on what’s best for you. We take the time to understand your situation and offer personalized guidance and advice, treating you with the same care and attention we would give our family.

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Free Advice

Our advice is complimentary to you. Let our knowledgeable, independently licensed agents help you find the right healthcare coverage!

KSS Insurance Solutions You're Covered

We Got You Covered. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

No matter your health or existing conditions, with our expert guidance and personalized recommendations, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered by a plan that meets your unique needs and budget.

Don’t get caught off guard – let KSS help you find the coverage you need to feel secure and protected.

Our Clients

“They treat you like family. Steve Boone has been my agent for a long time and has helped several family members, including myself, navigate the confusing world of insurance.” Lisa C., 41

“KSS navigated through all the complex health insurance options and found the best, least expensive options for me. I saved countless hours of time and. avoided the frustration by using a real expert. I highly recommend KSS!”
Rhonda D., 53

“Steve was very helpful in finding the right health insurance policy that I needed for myself and that would fit my budget. He is always there when I have questions and helped me with my account when I couldn’t figure it out myself. I would recommend KSS for finding you the right health insurance needs! Thanks.” Kitty L., 43

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