Navigating The Concerns Around Healthcare Insurance

As you continue to evaluate your health insurance needs, there are many factors to consider and contemplate. If you are struggling with deciding which plan is best for you or how to keep your costs down or how the new administration will impact you, please contact us so we can help guide you through the

Read More Deadline To Dec. 19, Citing Late Rush

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 12/16/2016 Federal regulators Thursday night extended the midnight deadline for Affordable Care Act insurance by four days, as consumers fought to get through to call center operators and log onto to buy insurance that takes effect Jan. 1. “Nearly a million consumers have left their contact information to

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3 Things You Should Know About Buying Health Insurance

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/22/2-16 Buying health insurance can seem complicated. Like, trying to figure out house allegiances in “Game of Thrones” complicated. And in the past, you could close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it until it went away (and pray that you didn’t get sick). Then

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How Much You Will Really Pay For Obamacare

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/7/2016 –  For some consumers, Obamacare’s skyrocketing insurance premiums will soon morph from a political mess to a pocketbook crisis. As enrollment begins Tuesday, the impact of an average 22% rise in benchmark plan prices will vary wildly depending on where you live. While Obamacare plans on some state exchanges

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Obamacare Execs Broke the Law and Cost Taxpayers Billions

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/7/2016 –  Just how far did the Obama administration go to keep its failing signature program afloat? According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, its Health and Human Services Department broke the law to bail out insurers participating in the health-insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care

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Obamacare Insurers Looking For A Taxpayer Bailout

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Insurers helped cheerlead the creation of Obamacare, with plenty of encouragement – and pressure – from Democrats and the Obama administration. As long as the Affordable Care Act included an individual mandate that forced Americans to buy its product, insurers offered political cover for the government takeover of

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Democrats Defensive Over ACA

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Republicans once again smell blood on the Affordable Care Act. Mounting concerns expressed by supporters of the health care overhaul have emboldened the GOP in its attacks on the law. Donald Trump, whose own positions on health care have at times sounded similar to those embraced by progressives,

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Consumers Activity In OE16 Exchange Market Drives Decisions For OE17

Source: | Re-Post Kss Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Understanding individual buying behavior and being able to target consumers based on that behavior is a game changer for insurance companies who are doing it successfully. Despite the financial pressures that some payers are experiencing, the 2016 Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange was successful, with nearly 13 million

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ACA Plans To Become Even Narrower In 2017

Source: | Re-Post KSS Insurance 11/4/2016 –  Narrow networks are going to become more common and perhaps even narrower. Patients and consumer advocates have been raising alarms since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act about the limited number of providers included in many ACA plans, but insurers say that that’s the only way

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Open Enrollment is in full swing, but uncertainty is the rule.

Consumers have from now until December 15th to enroll in a qualified health plan and avoid the tax penalty. Across the county many changes are happening that make this task even more daunting: In Arizona, the Department of Insurance forced Meritus to suspend offering health insurance.  The announcement came on Friday, October 30, just two

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